May God Bless You and Your Family

A church where Love is preached and taught according to the Holy Scriptures and manifested in the lives of all the disciples by offering support, fellowship, friendship and the Love of Christ to those around us. 

Sunday Morning Services

Sunday morning services begin at 9:30 in the sanctuary with group prayer and a brief devotion given by a member of the congregation.  Sunday school classes are offered for all ages and  begin at 9:45.  Sunday morning worship and preaching service begins at 10:45.  Children's Church for ages 3-7 is offered each Sunday morning.

Sunday Evening Services


Sunday evening services are only held on the second and fourth Sunday of each month.  On the second Sunday night OBC has worship, a short message from the Pastor and then we partake in the Sacriment of Holy Communion.  The fourth Sunday night consists of a Prayer service including a devotion delivered by a member of our Young Married Couples Sunday School Class.

Wednesday Evening Services

On Wednesday nights we are pleased to offer dinner to those who attend one of our classes.  There are Bible Study classes for all ages, including children, youth, adult men and women. 
We are pleased to offer Nursery services for children ages 0-3 years.  Our nursery staff has a strong love for children and focuses on the importance of their foundation in Christ.  Even the babies get a Bible lesson on Wednesday and Sunday.  Our nursery has wonderful artwork and amenities to keep your children happy until you return to pick them up.